[ design ]

'The human being is a creature that needs pictures.' (Leonardo da Vinci)


Many ideas are creative, but do they sell? We are not creative just to be creative. We do not lose our perception creativity on the goal and the desires of our clients.


No matter if you need a new label, logo, new stationery or a web-site, we do have the know-how and creativity to be your partner for today and tomorrow.

[dpi & ppi for graphic work]

Resolutions commonly used:

304 dpi = Very good print quality
240 dpi = Good print quality
204 dpi = newspaper quality
72 ppi = for screen / internet

Calculate the number of pixel for your picture with the requested size and quality:
( Example: picture with a width of 10cm and a resolution of 304 dpi must have a width in pixel of 1197.)

width in cm:
resolution in px: